Eating Vegan: Creating a Vegan Meal Plan and Stocking Your Vegan Pantry

oatmeal with banana

Vegan Meal Plan

To kick you off, here are a few days of vegan meal ideas!Β  This menu uses a lot of the staples listed on the previous page with a few extras.

Day 1

  • breakfast: oatmeal with sliced banana and a little (optional) brown sugar or maple syrup. If you’re trying to get more protein, make the oats with soy milk instead of water.
  • lunch: tofu salad sandwich. Try Tanya’s Greek tofu salad on toasted bread or stuffed into a whole grain pita!
  • supper: greens and beans! You can use this crock pot recipe or make these on the stove top. I like my greens and beans served over some yummy vegan mashed potatoes (with or without gravy)
  • snack: grab an orange, a handful of roasted cashews, or spread a little peanut butter onto whole grain crackers

Day 2

  • breakfast: non-dairy yogurt with a handful of almonds and your favorite dried fruit
  • lunch: I bet you have some of that tofu salad left over! This time, serve it up over salad greens instead of in a sandwich.
  • supper: cook up a hearty pot of soup, like this kale and potato soup, and serve with some homemade garlic bread. Making garlic bread is super simple! Just spread some good bread with Earth Balance (or drizzle with olive oil), throw a clove of minced garlic on each slice, and pop it in the toaster. Bam!
  • snack: dip crackers, pita triangles, or fresh veggies into store-bought or homemade hummus.

Day 3

  • breakfast: tofu scramble! This is not what I’d call a quick breakfast, but it is a versatile one. This recipe is a good jumping-off point, but have fun with it and add whatever veggies you have handy that sound appealing.
  • lunch:bowl of stuff! Natalie calls this a dinner, but I make bowl of stuff for lunch at least a couple of times a week. Just pile mashed potatoes or a cooked, whole grain in a bowl with your favorite veggies (raw, cooked, or a mix) and your protein of choice. I love how quickly this comes together and how you can tailor it to what’s in the fridge.
  • supper:vegan shepherd’s pie. This comes together surprisingly quickly and is super satisfying!
  • snack: chips and quick guac. Instead of chopping a bunch of ingredients, just mash up an avocado with a few spoonfuls of good, prepared salsa. No one needs to know it took you 30 seconds to make!

Between the soup and the shepherd’s pie, you’ll probably have enough leftovers for a few more meals. If you need more vegan recipe ideas, here are some resources to check out:

Do you guys have any favorite vegan recipes or resources? Share them in the comments!

Image Credit: Oatmeal with Banana photo via Shutterstock

  1. narf7

    I think when you first start out, like anything, it is a bit overwhelming. I just found myself back in the “overwhelming” bucket with a container of sourdough and a complete lack of knowledge of what to do with it… I think the best thing to do is head off and do a few solid stints researching online. Just because we become vegan doesn’t mean that we have to eat things that we don’t like. Veganism is just as customisable as any other diet and once you get started you find a wealth of information and support online if you need it. I found that I make most of my “fake” things myself now. I get to customise the recipes and am able to obtain things that we just can’t get here in Australia. I also know what goes into these recipes and get the satisfaction of being able to pick the healthiest ingredients. One thing that you find out very soon about veganism is that it opens up the whole world of cookery to you. Just about every cuisine has vegetable/vegan recipes, you just have to dig down a bit (below the meaty surface ;) ). Like gardeners, vegans are completely willing to share what they know and are very generous with recipes, helping people who are interested in adding more vegetable recipes to their repertoire and in transitioning between eating meat and living meatless. It isn’t hard if you are able to find an amazing array of recipes and they are out there just waiting for you to find. I love this series of posts that you are posting at the moment. Vegan is bleeding over into mainstream now and rather than feeling like a freak, we vegans can hold our heads up and live how we choose with impunity :). Cheers for another great post :)

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