Vegan Mashup Makes TV Delicious

Have you ever heard of Delicious TV? It sounds like a wonderful concoction by Willy Wonka, without the shrinking children of course. Delicious TV was founded by Betsy Carson, a veteran filmmaker committed to getting veganism and vegetarianism on primetime for a couple of decades.

Delicious TV is now developing a six episode season of a half-hour cooking show called Vegan Mashup, specially for public television stations. Sorry for those overseas, Vegan Mashup is currently only in the works for the United States.

On board for the cooking portion are Terry Hope Romero, Toni Fiore and Miyoko Schinner. They plan to share recipes near to their hearts ranging from appetizers to desserts. The hope is to show the masses what vegan cooking is: that it isn’t just a bunch of sprouts, and that it can definitely be delicious and healthy. Here’s what Vegan Mashup has to say about its participants:

“Terry’s Latina American style is sharp, and funny, and she’s known to make sassy tacos, Toni’s been called the vegetarian Carmela Soprano, as she serves up  easy, healthy dishes, with a kick. And Miyoko’s Japanese style of elegant simplicity matches her love of vegan cheeses. And to really Mash it up we’ll have a surprise guest each week. Four talented cooks delivering four delicious recipes every week.  So tune in, and break out your chopping board.”

Don’t get too excited yet. The project is still seeking funding through an online campaign to reach New York, California, Maine and hopefully a city near you. Vegan Mashup has “an opportunity to showcase many talented vegan chefs who prove that vegan food is delicious and kinder to animals and the planet.” Sounds tasty.

Check out Delicious TV’s Twitter and Facebook pages as well as their IndieGoGo page for more deets.

Image credit from Delicious TV on Facebook.

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