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Continuing my mini vegan road trip through Texas, I checked out Gruene. Another German settlement from the mid-1800’s, Gruene boasts some real history and buildings that still stand the test of time, housing full fledged businesses. One of the most impressive is Gruene Hall, which you may recognize from some big Hollywood films! Along with the entertainment, history and shopping, you’ll find some good eats for the traveling vegan!

me in Gerune TexasGruene Hall

The most notable landmark – outside of the Gruene water tower – is Gruene Hall. A location in the Travolta film, Gruene Hall was established in 1878.

It is Texas’s oldest dance hall. Still packed with folks, live music and flowing spirits, Gruene is like no other place. There’s a great historic vibe that is still going strong with live music, people dancing and enjoying the open air feel of this American gem. While they don’t serve food, the do serve booze, tunes and lots of smiles! A must visit, if even for one drink!

The Gristmill

The most popular eatery, and rightfully so, is the Gristmill.

Overlooking the Guadalupe River, this multi-level restaurant boats incredible outdoor dining with the sounds of the rushing river below along with its structure, which was originally cotton mill built in 1922. While it’s NOT a veggie paradise by any means, the location and feel of this place is enough to park it outside for a drink and perhaps a salad. I enjoyed some fries, a side salad, and a cold beverage just so I could sit outdoors and take in the scenery.

They make their beans with bacon and everything else is pretty much Meaty McMeat, but you can finagle and amend the menu if you’re itching to enjoy the gristmill experience!

Cantina Del Rio

Now, if you don’t care much for messing with the menu and want to just hang in a cool spot, try Cantina Del Rio. Also located on the river, you can rarely go wrong with Mexican food. Indulge in guacamole and salsa, ask for veggie fajitas and tip back a few margaritas! Perhaps start with dinner here and head over to Gruene Hall for some tunes and dancin’ afterward!

Gruene Mansion Inn

If you’re looking to stay in Gruene, maybe dine, shop and then do some tubing down the Guadalupe, check out the Gruene Mansion Inn.

Built by the son of the town’s namesake, this original Victorian manor is charming and really epitomizes Gruene and the era in which it was constructed. They are great about accommodating vegan travelers as well as serving their guests as though they are royalty. Real southern hospitality in a wonderfully historic locale: you can’t beat it!

I adore small towns, especially ones filled with rich history like Gruene! If you find yourself in Texas with some time to explore, put Gruene on your list!

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