10 Vegan Finger Foods for Your New Year’s Eve Party

vegan finger foods

Are you planning a new year’s eve shindig? No party spread is complete without a few tasty finger foods, and we have some vegan finger food recipes that are sure to please!

So much finger food is animal-based: pigs in blankets, cheesy dips, and bacon-wrapped anything. If you’re used to standard American party fare, taking out the animal products might feel like a sacrifice. What’s left? Some raw veggies and maybe a sad plate of pickles? No, thank you!

The trick to creating a vegan snack spread – just like the trick to eating more plant-based foods in general – is to reimagine those plates. You don’t want to just take out the meat, and if you’re feeding omnivores meat and cheese substitutes generally aren’t going to cut it either. Check out these party snacks that are totally vegan and totally satisfying!

  1. Savory Herbed Shortbread – When you think of shortbread, you probably think sweet, but those buttery bites make a great savory treat. No dairy butter required!
  2. Avocado Mango Sushi – Sushi is one of my favorite finger foods! If avocado, mango, and quinoa don’t seem like your ideal, you can stuff your sushi rolls with whatever yummy grains and veggies you like!
  3. Pine Nut Stuffed Mushrooms – Hearty stuffed mushrooms bursting with flavor!
  4. Blueberry Apple Buckwheat Biscuits – A little bit savory, a little bit sweet, and a lot delicious!
  5. Avocado Bruschetta – Bruschetta traditionally gets its richness from cheese, and avocado is an excellent substitute.
  6. Crispy Baked Pumpkin Won Tons – Sweet, spicy, yum!
  7. Veggies or Pita Triangles and Hummus – Hummus is super versatile. Check out Tanyas tips for whipping up a yummy batch from scratch!
  8. Tamale Bites – Tasty cornbread with a flavorful black bean filling.
  9. Strawberry Focaccia with Maple-Balsamic Onions – Another yummy finger food that combines sweet and savory.
  10. Swiss Chard and Oyster Mushroom Dumplings – Serve these up with some dipping sauce, and you’re ready to snack.

Do you have a new year’s eve party in the works? What’s on the menu?

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