Vegan Diet: Stocking Your Vegan Kitchen [Video]

vegan diet stocking pantry

When you transition to a vegan diet, stocking your kitchen for the first time can seem overwhelming and expensive. Let’s make it a little bit easier!

In the video below, I go through a list of the essentials in my kitchen, and I’d love to hear what pantry and freezer staples you couldn’t feed your family without. If you have essentials that aren’t vegan, and you’d like to find an alternative or equivalent that’s in line with a vegan diet, don’t be shy! I’m here to help, not to judge.

When I’m not working here or over at Crafting a Green World, I develop recipes and craft projects for my personal site: Glue and Glitter. I occasionally share my recipes in this space as part of recipe roundups (like this one!), but for the most part I kind of keep Eat Drink Better and Glue and Glitter separate. Unlike this space, Glue and Glitter is a 100% vegan site, and my focus there is more on showing how a vegan diet can be easy and fun, rather than healthy and sustainable. I am a big fan of that kind of outreach, and I’ve even had some omnivore readers tell me that they have started eating more vegan and vegetarian food since they started following me over there. Yay!

I’m making an exception with this video for a few reasons, but the main reason is that I think it’s very much in line with what we talk about here at Eat Drink Better: stocking your kitchen with healthy food, so you can feel good about what you’re feeding your family, whether you eat a vegan diet or not.

The video below is the first one I’ve created from scratch since graduating college. It’s a little bit rough, but for a first go, I’m really happy with it. It’s all about stocking your vegan kitchen, so that you can throw together cheap, easy meals. I hope that you like it!

If you want more deets about the things I talked about in the video – including links to recipes – check out my post over at Glue and Glitter!

10 thoughts on “Vegan Diet: Stocking Your Vegan Kitchen [Video]”

  1. Loved the video, well done! I’ve been wanting to do a video as well after seeing so many pop up on blogs like JL goes vegan, The Little Foxes and now you! I just don’t know what to do it on.

    My favorite beans are also black beans and chickpeas. We also keep kidney beans and white beans on hand. And you’re absolutely right on about the staples lasting for a long time. I have a container of flax seeds that I’ve had for awhile. And I love that Better than Bouillon stuff too!!

  2. My staples are canned diced tomatoes, some plain and some already seasoned. I really like to have a variety of canned beans (mostly black beans, navy beans, and kidney beans), as well as dried pinto beans, lentils, and split peas. I also like to keep a mixture of nuts, walnuts and pecans for bread and entrees, and almonds for snacking.

  3. Definitely chickpea (gramm) flour, Goya sazon seasoning, unsweetened powdered cocoa, sesame tahini, tapioca root powder, turmeric, extra virgin coconut oil, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds. Taam-Tov powdered non-dairy creamer, which is TRULY 100% vegan, unlike the others. Carageenan for making the best vegan cheeses. Also, freshly squeezed lime and fresh cilantro go great on practically everything!!!

    Also–I cannot stress this enough–investing in some kitchen appliances will revolutionize your life as a vegan!!! First of all, a good blender is essential. If you get one that’s strong enough, you won’t even need to get a food processor. Ninja brand is amazingly effective, and incredibly cheap. If you’re doing low-carb vegan, or just want more innovative ways to utilize vegetables, a spiralizer is also a must, and also very cheap. (About $15 on Amazon). These will turn zucchini and other veggies into ‘pasta’ you can twirl on your fork! Finally, for raw vegans, a dehydrator, which will allow you to make all sorts of dishes and create all kinds of textures without cooking a single thing.

    1. Ooh great additions, and that’s a really good point about appliances. I just got a Vitamix (YAY!) and it makes food prep so fast. I made cashew cream the other day in 60 seconds!

  4. My favorite beans are dried beans. Much healthier, less sodium and so much better for budget and environment. Soak overnight cook and n’joy.

    1. I agree, Tory! In the crock overnight or during the workday, they’re super easy to cook in bulk/ freeze for later… … I do buy the BPA-free canned beans for my travel/ emergency food box though, or for those nights when I have been too busy to plan ahead properly. In short: I vote for both. :)

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