11 Vegan Cookbooks I’m Crushing on Right Now

My favorite vegan cookbooks on my shelf right now.

I have an ever-growing collection of vegan cookbooks, but there are some that I find myself turning to again and again. These are my favorite vegan cookbooks, plus a couple of suggestions from my co-editor, Andrea Bertoli!

My favorite vegan cookbooks on my shelf right now.

If you resolved to eat more plants this year, a good collection of vegan cookbooks is a great place to start. There are good vegan recipes and bad ones out there, and finding the good ones makes it so much easier to eat vegan.

This list of vegan cookbooks is divided into a few categories: books that are available now, books that are coming out very soon (but that I 100% know will be amazing), and books that Andrea and I have written. This isn’t a comprehensive list of every good vegan cookbook that exists. It’s a list of the ones that Andrea and I have discovered (or written!) over the past year and use frequently. Kitchen tested, family approved.

Vegan Cookbooks in My Current Collection

These are my faves that are on my shelf right now. The ones I pull out when I have no idea what I want to eat.

1. Vegan Bowl Attack – Jackie Sobon is a recipe superstar, and her book about vegan bowls is amazing. My family’s favorite from that book is the Spicy Sushi Bowl, which my son asks me to make at least three times a week. I oblige at least once.

2. Vegan Under Pressure – Jill Nussinow’s vegan pressure cooker book is more than just an awesome pressure cooker book. It also includes guides to cooking beans, grains, and vegetables that’s WAY better than the guide that came with my Instant Pot.

3. Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. – This is the latest by one of Andrea’s heroes: Laura Miller. I also own this book and definitely recommend it, if you’re wanting to incorporate more raw food into your day-to-day.

4. Protein Ninja – Andrea is a huge fan of Protein Ninja. When you are vegan, everyone is suddenly very worried that you will die of protein deficiency. Let this book lay those fears to rest and arm you with the answers you need to field the #1 question vegans get about our diets.

5. Aquafaba – Zsu Dever’s book on how to cook with aquafaba is seriously comprehensive. I’ve recommended this book countless times, and it’s one I turn to any time I’m wanting to bust my freezer stash of that sweet, sweet bean liquid.

6. Baconish – Vegans love bacon, too, and Leinana Two Moons proves it with this amazing book packed with vegan bacon recipes. She shows you how to make vegan bacon from scratch and has a ton of bacon-ful recipes that you’re going to love.

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Vegan Cookbooks Coming Soon

There are two vegan cookbooks coming out in 2017 that I have got to include, because I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

7. The Vegan Air Fryer – Written by JL Fields and photographed by Michelle Donner, this air fryer cookbook is going to be GOOD, y’all. JL’s recipes are always well-tested and delicious, and the sneak peeks I’ve seen of this book have my mouth watering.

8. The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for your Instant Pot – Kathy Hester’s Instant Pot cookbook looks fabulous, y’all. What I’m most excited about in this book is that she is including “layered” recipes, where you make multiple courses at the same time, all in one pot!

Andrea’s and My Books

9. Gettin’ Saucy – Andrea’s cookbook, which I edited, is gorgeous, you guys. It’s packed with sweet and savory sauces to make all of your food better, from breakfast all the way to dessert.

10. 40 Days of Green Smoothies – My second print cookbook, 40 Days of Green Smoothies, came out this year, and I am so thrilled with it! If you prefer your cookbooks in e-book format, it’s also available for Kindle.

11. Bowls – This was my first print book, and I still get so much lovely feedback about it. This is a great vegan cookbook for beginners, because it isn’t just recipes. It shows you how to put together delicious vegan comfort bowls using ingredients you have on hand.

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