Vegan Cookbook Review: Cooking Vegan + 3 Vegan Recipes

cooking vegan cover

The publishers of Cooking Vegan were kind enough to send me a review copy and said that we could share a few recipes with you guys!

If you’ve been thinking about giving a vegan diet a try but weren’t sure where to start, Cooking Vegan is an excellent intro book to try. Dietician Vesanto Melina teamed up with chef Joseph Forest to compile an excellent vegan starter guide. Not only does this book include simple, delicious vegan recipes, but the whole first section gives you a feel for the basics of vegan nutrition, vegan cooking, and even provides sample menus to help you start eating vegan.

The nutritional information is very detailed and includes info for both children and adults. There are even some recommendations for vegan athletes! If you’re worried that vegan food is all about special ingredients that are hard to find, don’t fret! The chapter on vegan ingredients covers the whats and hows of vegan staple foods like whole grains, beans, nuts, vegan milks, thickeners, and even sweeteners.

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