Reader Question: Vegan Citrus Fertilizer

Is there a good vegan citrus fertilizer for a Meyer lemon tree?
Is there a good vegan citrus fertilizer for a Meyer lemon tree?

After a lot of digging, I’m discovering that vegan citrus fertilizer is tough to find!

A reader recently wrote in with a question about vegan citrus fertilizers. I dug up a little bit of info, but I’d love to hear your suggestions, too!

Does anyone know of a vegan or animal friendly fertilizer for a meyer lemon tree? All of the organic fert. I have found have dead animal ingredients in them. I don’t mind animal poop, just don’t want some poor animal to have died so I can fert. a tree.

I have been using bat guano on my Meyer lemon tree, but it hasn’t flowered this spring, so I can’t say whether it’s working yet. Bat guano is just poop (no bones, feathers, etc), and you can find bat guano on Amazon, if you’re interested. The leaves on my citrus tree were looking a little bit sad over the winter, and dumping some spent coffee grounds on the pot seemed to help – coffee grounds help acidify the soil. I’ve been doing the coffee grounds thing once a month or so.

After looking high and low for vegan fertilizers, I found this one, but it’s not for citrus. It’s a 3-2-2, and from what I have read, folks seem to recommend a 5-1-3 or 7-3-3 ratio for citrus. Citrus loves nitrogen! I also saw a recommendation for brewing a compost tea from nettles (a weed that is high in nitrogen).

So, vegan readers, I turn to you! Are you growing any potted citrus? What vegan citrus fertilizer is working for you?

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