Vegan Caribbean Recipes to Beat Those Winter Blahs

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A brief, tantalizingΒ  mid-winter thaw followed by snow, ice, and more snow has got me really craving a tropical getaway.Β  Unfortunately, a Caribbean vacation is no where to be seen on my March calendar (pruning fruit trees in blizzard-like conditions, however, is scheduled for this week – huzzah). But at least I can whip up some tropical-inspired dishes to tide me over until spring!

If you’re as sick of winter as I am, try one of these vegan Caribbean recipes (although the flavors are tropical, I tried to stick with recipes that use seasonal produce).

Image courtesy of esther** via a Creative Commons license.

  1. Phil

    Thanks for this list. I’m definitely ready to try some vegan Jamaican recipes this time of year, and we’ve been eating a lot of roasted vegetables and hearty soups, too.

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