Love Vegan Candy? Wish M&M’s Were Dairy-Free? Tasty Kickstarter Project Alert!

chocolate candy!

As demand for vegan products increases, innovative chefs respond! With 6 days to go, this Kickstarter project offers tasty melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hand chocolatey goodness — with no animal junk, no gluten, no nuts, and no reason not to support this vegan candy project!

The reasons behind the surge of interest in vegan eating are many: major health care providers now recommend plant-based eating; vegan restaurant options are getting ever-easier to find; mainstream awareness of the animal cruelty intrinsic to modern ‘farming’ steadily grows; and the tremendous impact of the animal-based SAD on health and the environment can no longer be ignored. At the same time, food allergies are on the rise, with more and more shoppers looking for nut-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free options.

Creators of the proposed “No-No’s” not only plan to omit the dairy, but envision a decadent indulgence food that’s user-friendly to chocoholics with nut, gluten, and other food allergies as well: what’s not to love?!

Things likeΒ kale and tempeh and tomatoes and lentils dominate a healthy vegan pantry; but if you enjoy the occasional splurge on chocolatey decadence, this project offers a tasty change of pace from your grandpa’s M & M’s.

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Image credit: candy photo via Shutterstock.

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