Urgent: Tell the U.S. Government to be Strong on Marketing Junk Food to Kids

junk food marketed at kidsThe Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is asking consumers to send a letter to the White House that we are not OK with the food industry marketing junk food to children.

Marion Nestle over at Food Politics shared some thoughts from Margo Wooten at CSPI about the misinformation and pressure that the food industry is using to squelch any guidelines for marketing food to kids:

Junk-food advertisers, in the guise of the Sensible Food Policy Coalition, have attacked the voluntary guidelines as an assault on the First Amendment, a point debunked by top Constitutional experts, and claimed that adopting the voluntary guidelines would result in job losses, based on a flimsy industry β€œstudy.”

…It would be a real setback for children’s health if the Administration backed down on strong guidelines for food marketing to children, especially given the transparently specious arguments of junk-food advertisers….Denying the science on food marketing and childhood obesity is like denying the science on global warming or evolution.

Zach wrote earlier today about how the USDA essentially subsidizes junk food, and marketing those processed, sugary, salty products to kids is yet another systemic problem with our food system that’s contributing to our obesity epidemic. Want to let the Administration know how you feel? CSPI makes it easy to send a letter to all of the right people.

Image Source: Creative Commons photo by Greencolander

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