Urgent: Tell EPA to Ban Monsanto Roundup

Is Monsanto Roundup Killing Our Soil

I just received an action alert from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), and it turns out that Monsanto Roundup, the fertilizer linked to plant diseases and superweeds, is up for a “registration review.” According to the OCA:

The EPA is currently conducting a “Registration Review” of glyphosate. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the herbicide RoundUp. RoundUp is owned by Monsanto, recently named the worst company in the world by the Natural Society. The EPA will be gathering data on glyphosate through the summer of 2012 and making a final decision no earlier than 2015.

The EPA has the power to ban glyphosate, and it should, given glyphosate is:

You can let EPA know your feelings abotu Roundup (or “glyphosate”) by sending a letter through the OCA’s website.

Need more reasons evidence that Roundup is bad for people and the planet? Check out this documentary from OCA, The Poison of the Pampas:

Ready to take action? Send a letter to EPA letting them know how you feel about Roundup!

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5 thoughts on “Urgent: Tell EPA to Ban Monsanto Roundup”

  1. This post is shameful. It displays the fact that you haven’t the slightest idea about what you are talking about. Are you a shill for the Organics industry? Do you know how much crop yield and back problems have been increased and relieved from Roundup killing the weeds that steal nutrients from surrounding crops. RoundUp, when used per label, is safe and effective and it is certainly a disservice to farmers around the globe to be calling for its eradication. If you are going to have an ag post, you should know a little something about the industry, and not be in the pocket of Organics.

    1. Roundup is an effective weed killer.
      use of roundup and GMO seeds will give more crops

      the GMO crops can ‘give’ their glyphosate resistance to other plants by ‘cross breding’ with other plants
      Roundup is not only containing glyphosate. it also contain polyoxyethylenamin.
      glyphosate can deteriorate in earth can polyoxyethylenamin?
      round up is dangerous for fish and other animals living in water like frogs, and it will kill weeds living in the water if the water is polluted by it.
      glyphosate is a weak organic acid.

      these are facts, and there are many more, and yes i know my biotechnology !
      so the question is are you willing to ‘risk’ our nature fore profit ?

      and sorry i kinda suck at english… i’m wordblind

      have a nice day ^^

  2. Well done Becky. I have to say I often live out of the US and have organic, non gmo foods accessible in those locations. I feel much better and any minor health problems I have when back in the states disappear with the right nutrition. and also the environment of these far flung places is still pretty close to pristine, thanks to not being polluted with harsh chemicals. I think the government has a duty to protect those who do not want to ingest these chemicals, which once released end up in the air, ground water and everywhere.

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