Underground Restaurants and the Art of Cooking: A Short Film

Underground Restaurant Toms Kitchen

We talk a lot about healthy cooking and eating around here, but what about the straight up art of cooking? In this inspiring short film, chef Jordan Lee talks a bit about his cooking philosophy and the underground restaurant he runs.

For me, cooking is as much about fun as it is about health or even about eating. I love to experiment with textures and flavors, and I think that’s why this interview with Lee spoke to me so much. This is my favorite quote:

“My philosophy when it comes to cooking is to understand how everything works, and to question old rules, and to try and figure things out for yourself as opposed to just doing something because that’s the way it’s supposed to be done. Cooking is as much feeling as it is science and technique.”

Lee runs an underground restaurant in Vancouver, and he also talks about this movement. It reminds me of the underground supper club, Rogue Apron, that we used to have here in Atlanta. They are a lot of fun! Here’s the video:

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