Ultrasonic French Fries

General unhealthiness aside, french fries are pretty good. Apparently, “research” chefs are trying to make them even better by bombarding them with ultrasonic waves.

Much like jewelers use ultrasonic waves to clean your jewelry, ultrasonic waves are uses to create tiny cracks and bubbles in the surface of the cut potatoes while they are soaking in a salt brine.

The potatoes are then fried twice – first at a lower temperature to tighten up their fibers, then at a higher temperature which causes the bubbles stuck in the surface of the potato to expand dramatically.

The outer surface of the ultrasonic french fries pack a serious crunch, while the inside has a mashed potato like texture…apparently to die for.

Source: Scientific American

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons byΒ waferboard

    1. Jeannie Moulton

      It’s totally weird…and not simple at all!

      I think the ultrasonic waves being used is sort of a gimmick to make them sound cooler and more scientific than the actually are…

      The ultrasonic waves aren’t a high enough energy to do anything molecularly damaging to the potato, so they are safe (after all, this is what we use to look at babies in the womb). They seem to be serving as a sort of ‘meat pounder’, just softening up the inside into basically mashed potatoes without disturbing the crispy outside.

      I wonder if they are any less healthy that typical french fries…

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