UK Declares Milk and Meat from Cloned Animals Safe

The UK declared last Thursday that milk and meat from cloned animals are safe for human consumption.Β  The Food Standards Agency says:

“The evidence showed no differences in composition between the meat and milk of conventional animals, clones or their progeny and is therefore unlikely to present any food safety risk.”

This is contrary to what the European Commission said about cloned foods.Β  The EC recently announced that they would like to see cloned foods banned because cloned animals suffered from higher rates of illness and premature death.

The UK’s FSA has said that they will take the EC’s recommendation into consideration before formally advising the government.

What is the US standpoint on food from cloned animals?

The US declared cloned meat safe for consumption in 2007, though there is a moratorium on the sale of cloned meat until it is widely accepted as safe.

Read about how cloned meat may have ended up in the UK food supply already.





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  1. Mark

    “Cloned animals suffered from higher rates of illness and premature death” is not contrary to “cloned meat is safe to eat”. If the EC did say something contrary to this research, you should mention that instead; if it didn’t, you’re misleading your readers.

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