Two Angry Moms (Film)

Typical school lunch fare is far from healthy.
Typical school lunch fare is far from healthy.

When someone discusses a healthy or hearty meal it is rarely in reference to a school lunch. This may be because French fries, ice cream sandwiches, and pizza day dominate the thinking of many school children when it comes to their cafeterias. In other words, middle school students may find fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads as foreign as the languages they have just begun to study. Clearly, our country’s cafeterias have nutritional problems; however, many parents turn away from these problems and let their children consume the fried and fatty “food” that pervades dinning halls across our nation.

The SnagFilms documentary titled Two Angry Moms follows women that simply will not stand for the shortcomings of public school lunches. Amy Kalafa orchestrates a grassroots revolution that sweeps the nation and inspires more parents to become involved in their children’s nutrition and subsequently their children’s health. Throughout Two Angry Moms, Kalafa becomes more informed, meets supporters, and makes a difference through trying to better children’s nutrition in school districts across the country. Watch the film here or at for free. Enjoy!


Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by wlscience

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