Tween Explains GMO Food Labeling In Language Even Idiotic TV Hosts Can Understand

Thanks to Upworthy.com I caught this great clip of 14 year-old Rachel Parent, who is an activist and founder of Kids Right To Know, debating Kevin O’Leary about GMO food labeling, transparency, research and Monsanto. It starts with Rachel standing up in front of a student group: “I am going to respond to Mr. Kevin O’Leary’s idiotic statement about stupid people protesting about Monsanto.” And, then she challenges him to a debate.

OMG. O’Leary is relentless in his attacks, going so far as to interrupt her to challenge her. Amanda Lang had to apologize (12:47) for O’Leary and even says that they “withdraw [his] accusation” that she is a “shill for a group that wants to use you…” (11:34). (Note: It took less than a minute for the apology.) Its a beautiful thing to see this girl stands right up to him and his biased questions. O’Leary, and his co-host Amanda Lang, should be embarrassed.

Upworthy notes:

TV host Kevin O’Leary suggested that food activists stop eating. And, y’know, die. For some reason, 14-year-old Rachel Parent wanted to debate this condescending shmuck on television. But I’m glad she did.

They discuss whether companies like Monsanto save lives with GMO crops (3:40) and what exactly GMO means (7:30). You won’t want to miss O’Leary’s creepy but helpful point at 9:00 or Rachel’s brilliant summary at 12:36.


Note: The ad that played before the clip when I watched it was for Brow Rice and Sweet Potato Triskets and had such choice lines as: “Sweet Potato. Must be important.” Ah, the irony.

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