Twas the Night Before Christmas – and Santa Delivers the Spuds

Twas the night before Christmas,
when what was to be seen,
Not a fossil fuel stirring, as Santa went green.
He’s already horse-powered, no petrol on his list,
But this year he’s adding a new sustainability twist,
In our crazy-busy world, we needed someone to share,
A way to live with joy and appreciation, a reason to care.
Too many messages today of fear, emptiness and dread,
Santa wanted transformation to dance in our head.
So as young and old nestled all snug for the night,
Santa’s sleigh took off in a different light.
Sure he packed toys for good kids but there was more,
Something that comes from a garden, not just store.
Santa dug in his root cellar and brought out his . . .
Yukon Gold . . .

Potatoes? Go figure. Now that breaks the mold.
Santa sharing his garden bounty along with those toys.
But Santa knows that one of life’s heartiest joys,
Remains sharing a meal around the family table,
A venue where conversations flow, all are able,
To come together as equals and do more than just feed,
We discuss, cuss, dream, scheme and realize we need,
More gatherings like this, community built over a meal,
Because the more we connect, the more whole we feel.
A little gift from the garden goes a long way,
So Santa added a dash of extra room in the sleigh,
For a gift of potatoes for dinner on Christmas Day.
And we heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,
“Keep those conversations going late into the night!”

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