Turmeric Benefits (beyond seasoning!)

Turmeric Benefits

You know that turmeric is a lovely spice in Indian dishes and that it lends a lovely color to tofu scrambles, but there are turmeric benefits beyond just seasoning your food!

Andrea at our sister site Green Living Ideas recently discovered the many health benefits of turmeric. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, and turmeric may help protect you from Alzheimer’s disease. You may already know some of the turmeric benefits to your health, but many that she discussed were new to me.

{Image Credit: Turmeric Powder photo via Shutterstock}

Health Benefits of Turmeric (via Green Living Ideas)

We’re big fans of natural healing here at Green Living Ideas. There are so many wonderful cures found in seeds, roots and leaves! Best of all, these cures don’t have nearly as many side effects (or corporate interests!) as regular pharmaceuticals…

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