Is It Easy Bein’ Green? Let’s Find Out By Trying Green Smoothies.

Green Smoothies

DIY smoothies and juices are quite the rage these days, and I’m listening.

It’s a relatively simple, supposedly delicious way to get vital nutrients and fiber from fruits and veggies into your bag of bones. I need that — I eat less of the good stuff than I should. You also hear about the way drinking freshly juiced or blended produce makes you feel. Our site director, Becky, said she felt “lighter, healthier, and more energetic than ever” after her 40 days of morning green smoothies.

We’ve made fruit smoothies at home. They’re good, but I’m not much of a fruit eater. Give me savory over sweet every time. (My family, however, loves them, so if you’re looking to find new ways to get fruit into your kids, give fruit smoothies a try. They are incredibly easy to make with frozen produce.)

Green smoothies are next on my to-try list. Wanna’ join me? I have a few tools to help us get started…

Check Out These Smoothie Infographics

These popped into my inbox just this week. The first walks you through a basic green smoothie recipe (our first perhaps?).

Green Smoothie Infographic

The second pic is more fruit-focused, but I like they way it gives you a smorgasbord of options for how you craft your beverage.

Smoothie Guide Infographic

Want More? Check Out “40 Days Of Green Smoothies”

Disclaimer: My site editor, Becky Striepe, did write this handy little eBook. But I’d be a dork if I failed to bring it to your attention. I just snagged it and can’t wait to start trying the myriad of recipes and tips she provides. For a sneak peak, check out a review and three of her green recipes.

Who Loves Kermit?

I do! (The fact that I own a life-size Kermit replica is a dead giveaway.) He claims it’s not easy bein’ green. We shall see, my little froggy friend.

I’ll come back and post comments as I work my way through a few recipes. If you want to join me, jump on in, and let us know how it goes!

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11 thoughts on “Is It Easy Bein’ Green? Let’s Find Out By Trying Green Smoothies.”

  1. Aw, Mary, I can’t wait to hear what you think of the book! Adding nut butters like in that first graphic is a lot of fun. They make things pretty thick, though (so does flax meal), so just make sure you use more liquid to compensate.

  2. I, too, am a Muppets fan. Kermit is first, Animal second. I have to admit, though, that Goofy reigns in my house. I have Goofys everywhere.
    Back to the article. I like the second recipe with all the fruit options better than the one with the spinach. I just can’t imagine my taste buds jumping for joy over that.
    That being said I do think my omnivorous ways may be catching up with me. I love burgers, but as times goes by my tummy gets very angry with me when I eat one. I am seriously considering getting a juicer and try to be a little kinder to my digestive system. Thanks for sharing the recipes!

    1. FWIW, if you do it right you don’t taste the greens. But also, I’d go with a better leafy green like kale or chard with the center rib removed. Spinach is OK, but it blocks your body’s absorption of iron. I know, drinking raw greens can seem a little weird at first, and I think finding a good recipe is super important. Over time, your tastebuds will adjust and you can up the greens and use less sugary fruit, too!

      1. I do know about taste buds adjusting to different flavors. My wife and I switched from dairy milk to almond milk. Fortunately, we both like almonds, but it did take a few days to adjust.

        1. Josh – you gotta’ love Gonzo too. Thanks for the comments. I ended up traveling for work and haven’t tried my green smoothie yet, but I will keep you posted!

  3. I tried my first green smoothie today! I followed the infographic recipe with spinach, vanilla almond milk, peanut butter, banana, and flaxseed meal. The texture was just fine. (I just bought a cheap Ninja blender and it did a great job.) It looked green but didn’t taste it. It was actually on the sweet side – which is not how I roll – so I need to find ways to make them less sweet and more savory. Ideas?

    1. No way did they try my green smoothie. And now I’m traveling again for work, so I’ve only tried ONE so far! Did you give one a try???

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