Truth in Labeling: Tell Congress You Want Labels on GE Salmon

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The FDA is close to approving genetically engineered salmon, despite concerns about its effects on our health and the environment.

According to the petition letter from Consumers Union of United States:

The genetically engineered salmon may also pose increased risks of causing allergic reactions, according to Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports. While FDA has analyzed data on only twelve genetically engineered fish regarding their allergy potential, these data suggest that the engineered fish may have an increased potential to cause potentially life-threatening allergic responses in sensitive individuals, compared to conventional salmon.

Unfortunately, the US has no laws about labeling genetically engineered foods, despite evidence that consumers do want truth in labeling. That means that if this frankenfish hits the shelves, there will be no way to tell if you’re buying it.

GE salmon is more than a health issue: it’s an animal rights issue. Even if you don’t eat seafood, GE salmon is still a concern, because if these fish escape into the wild, they have huge competitive advantages over wild salmon.

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You can tell Congress that you want a label on GE salmon with’s simple petition.

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3 thoughts on “Truth in Labeling: Tell Congress You Want Labels on GE Salmon”

  1. The reasons for there not being labels on gmo foods, and by-products, is simply because of the swinging door between agricultural biotech companies like Monsanto and the U.S. government. The world-wide deregulation of gmo labeling requirements would also open up free trade of these genetically engineered and modified foods particularly to the European countries which currently do not even allow rBGH in their milk.

  2. I think it should be done even though I know due to the money “handing” it will never happen. The best thing we can do is to stay informed on it and hopefully we can “screen” our own diets.

    WE are now not eating processed foods aside from commercially made cheeses. Now unfortunately due to public school(s) and their lunch programs my kids will be back on processed foods come the middle of next month. I wish I could get the school (which -IS- and outdoor learning center) would do a lunch garden it would help.

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