Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Candy Contains Lead – A Delicious Irony

All Toxic Waste brand Nuclear Sludge candy bars have been recalled by the distributor after the California Department of Health found elevated levels of lead in the candy bars.

Lead levels of 0.24 parts per million were found in one lot of the cherry-flavored bar.ย  The maximum amount of lead tolerated by the FDA in a food product is 0.1 part per million.

Just in case other flavors are contaminated, Circle City Marketing and Distributing (also known as Candy Dynamics) is recalling all the Nuclear Sludge candy bars that have been distributed since 2007.ย  Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge candy bars come in three flavors – Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Cherry Chew Bar (UPC 0 89894 81430 6), Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Sour Apple Chew Bar (UPC 0 10684 81410 7), and Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Blue Raspberry Chew Bar (UPC 0 89894 81420 7).

Other Toxic Waste brand products are not affected by the recall.

The toxic candy bars were made in Pakistan.ย  With the recent passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act, imported foods will now be held to the same standards as domestically-produced foods.

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