“Toxic America” Special Looks at Dangers of Pesticides and Household Chemicals

[Spraying pesticides on a field. The photographer noted that the driver wore a mask, and that after taking this photo he “developed a rather nasty throat.”]

The folks at CNN emailed to let us know about “Toxic America,” a special they’re running tonight and tomorrow. It’s a two day report looking at toxins in our everyday environment.

The investigation covers topics such as the pesticide residues in foods we eat and the link between pesticide exposure and certain diseases and disorders.

Check out the promo:


Part one takes a look at the town Mossville, Louisiana and how a nearby chemical plant has affected that community, and part two covers the effects of these chemicals on our health, especially on children and pregnant mothers. I’m glad to see the main stream media raising awareness about the chemicals we come in contact with on a daily basis through our food, cleaning and beauty products, and other day to day interactions!

You can catch Toxic America tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm on CNN.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Will Fuller

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