Top Ten Grains According to Readers – Vote Now!

I always keep my pantry stocked with a wide variety of grains. Increasing the diversity of grains in your diet is a great way to avoid overrefined carbohydrates and ensure that you’re getting enough fiber.

What’s your favorite grain? Leave your top pick as a comment here or on Facebook!

If I had to create a top ten list of my favorite grains, I think it would look something like this:

1. Farro

2. Wheat Berries

3. Short-Grain Brown Rice

4. Thai Sticky Rice

5. Steel-Cut Oats

6. Quinoa

7. Wild Rice

8. Pearled Barley

9. Israeli Couscous

10. Forbidden Rice (Black Rice)

What’s your number one favorite grain? Vote now by leaving a comment here or on Facebook. A top ten list of readers’ favorites will be published next week.

Image courtesy of BlueRidgeKitties via a Creative Commons license.

  1. Traunza

    That’s a hard choice between quinoa, farro and couscous. Love them all, but if I had to choose one. . . couscous. Could eat that all day and night, all day every day.

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