Top News from the Food Front: GMO Battles, Horse Abattoirs, Food Stamp Fails, & Vegan Wins

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This week’s top news features GMOs, horse slaughter, food stamps, and some nifty vegan wins. Also, apparently the USDA hates both chickens and poultry plant workers. Read on, for some infuriating and also some encouraging developments in food news!

Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 2013: GMO News Galore

There’s good news and annoying news this week from the GMO front, as public demand for labeling swells while biotech profiteers spend themselves dizzy trying to squash it. Around the world, the news is similarly mixed.

Good News: Sriracha Disaster Averted! (WHEW)

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll certainly sleep better now…

This Week in Food Fail

Read these stories, because they’re important; but load an uplifting cute-kitten video or something for watching immediately afterwards. Fair warning: some of this material carries a high risk of making you feel sick and sad.

Let’s just stop here for a moment, and review our goals as a society. Does anyone really think the problem with our food system is that we just aren’t killing enough animals? THAT IS NOT IT, good people; we have a bazillion problems around here, but exactly none of them will be solved by more slaughtering of more creatures. If you are outraged by the prospect of slaughtering horses for meat but still eat cows, please proceed here or here.

Ok, let’s see, where were we? OH YES: food fail…

Wait a minute, let’s stop just once more — I promise this is the last time, at least for this particular list! — but ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Quick review: there is already a staggering, overwhelming, disgustingly high level of animal and worker abuse in factory farming NOW. If you hadn’t heard about that, please read here or here or here or here or here or here. The only parties who benefit from this proposed change are ‘people’ like Tyson and Perdue. NO, THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!

Oh, by the way: the animal cruelty already rampant in animal agribusiness carries no significant legal penalties — just in case you were wondering.

Undercover investigators “saw workers slamming conscious piglets headfirst into the concrete to kill them,” among other stomach-turning things; no animal cruelty charges are planned, according to the county’s attorneys.

ANYWAY, back to the bits of the fail list that only make me sad-and-angry but not actively nauseous.

Double-sigh. Ok, time for that kitten video! Go ahead, I’ll wait right here.

Food for Thought

Welcome back! If you’re recovered and ready, these links offer some non-dysfunctional ideas that deserve exploration.

‘If you don’t understand, then how can you act?’ — Ani Difranco

Vegan Corner

Who’s up for just a tiny bit of good news, to round things out?

Yet another vegan athlete draws media attention for plant-powered awesomeness:

And I saved the best for last! Forbes gives vegan dining a high profiles shout-out, as a ‘top food trend.’ And Philly extends some brotherly love to the feathered, finned, and furred creatures among them — well, at least on Mondays. It’s a start! And we’ll take it.

PLUS a fantastic new free vegan online magazine now exists as a real thing in the world, as of this week!

Vegan world takeover: proceeding nicely, mwahahaha!

Watch This Space

You are now officially all caught up on the week’s top food news! Check back next weekend, for the latest news from the wide world of food. Feel free to share this news roundup with all the folks in your world who eat food. And iff you’ve found something here that inspired you, made you angry, or raised questions you’d like to debate or explore — or if you’d like to add a news story to the roundup! — I hope you’ll comment below.

Have a tasty and well-informed week of consciously eating!

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