Top News from The Food Front: Meat, Mayo, & McFoolishness

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Another study links red meat to cancer, low blood sugar impacts brain health, new vegan mayo company prepares for national launch, and McDonald’s highlights the connection between our dysfunctional food system and social justice. Read on, for the week’s top news for foodies!

Food, Health, and Mayo

Seems like every time I load my browser there’s a new study linking meat consumption to disease. Hm, what could we perhaps do with this information?

In other health news,

plant-based diet, anyone?

Speaking of plant-based eating, there’s a hot (er, cold) new vegan mayo gearing up for national distribution via Whole Foods. Woot!

Sweetness and Light

On the GMO front, that whole fair-and-accurate-labeling idea seems to be gaining ground (as well it should)!

Talking to your kids about food offers opportunities and pitfalls. Explore strategies for positivity here:

Innovation in supporting community based food production through media technology! Progress: we’ll take it.

This Week in Food Fail

Unfortunately, the positivity in this week’s news sits alongside a goodly bit of foolishness.

If you’re in Massachusetts or New Hampshire (or anywhere else! … but we’ll talk about that later) avoid the chicken! Right on the heels of the salmonella debacle worsened by the government  shutdown earlier this month, now there’s a listeria problem yucking things up. Evidence continually accumulates: industrial animal agriculture plus minimal regulation guarantees disease.

If you need another reason to avoid the Mc-icon of our food system’s ongoing eff-upped-ness, here you go!

But wait: it gets worse. Here’s the punch line to that ugly joke:

Food corporations struggle valiantly against progress — bless their hearts, they are going to lose, if we have anything to say about it (and via our food choices, we definitely do)! But they’re certainly devoting their best efforts to bad behavior.

Those who fight against progress have powerful allies in legislators responsible for passing a farm bill:

Whatever else may change in the world, the sun rises, the tides rise and fall, water makes things wet, and the meat industry resists doing the right thing.

With Knowledge, Power

So that’s the good, the bad, and the ugly in this week’s food news. Use it well and wisely, to make your dollar support positivity instead of foolishness.

If you come across a tasty bit of food news that needs inclusion in next week’s roundup, comment below!

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