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Each week brings more food news to our browsers than we can shake a fork at — but our readers are continually hungry for knowledge about what they’re putting on their plates, and in their bodies. Here at EDB we often cover GMO labeling, food marketing, ag-gag legislation, and other current events in depth; but the food news river flows wide and fast. To keep up with that current, read on!

Top News Oct 13-19, 2013 – Agribusiness & GMOs

If you have the stomach and patience to follow the animal industry’s transparent attempts to resist any and all accountability regarding their most obscene and offensive practices, recent developments in the Utah case emerged this week.

Washington’s labeling initiative heats up the food-and-politics kitchen; biotech profiteers respond in the usual fashion.

While U.S. consumers strive for simple labeling, Mexico takes stronger action.

Meanwhile two Los Angeles City Councilmen Friday called for a GMO Free Zone, aimed at ‘protecting homes, schools, community gardens and public spaces from contamination caused by plants and other genetically modified organisms…’

If you haven’t heard about this prize, well, you’ve missed out on some annoyance! The silver lining: if you find this development a travesty, you’re in good company.

This week in Food, Health, & Nutrition

Salmonella: to make a long story short, it’s a problem.

The government shutdown hindered response to the Foster Farms salmonella outbreak, which we covered last week: Salmonella Outbreak Sickens Hundreds: CDC Scrambles, USDA Scowls.

Transitioning into Veg News, the National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP) and a medical testing company work together to promote veggies as medical intervention tools for drug-resistant high blood pressure.

Veg News

Cory Booker and Carrie Underwood made headlines this week, adding to the ever-rising awareness of The Veg Life in popular culture.

In what looks like a growing trend, as vegans and vegetarians come out of the pantry closet in ever-increasing numbers, already-veg-friendly national restaurant Chipotle Mexican Grill expands veggie options.

On the arts scene, popular graffiti artist Bansky spreads the pro-veg message, releasing a video aimed at raising awareness about the animal cruelty propagated by factory farming.

And the NY elementary school that shifted to an all-vegetarian cafeteria menu this year reports good initial results.

Food and Social Justice

The politics of food effects millions of people in huge ways, whether or not they follow food news at all.

Check back next weekend for the next news roundup from the food front, and comment here to share links or stories I haven’t mentioned that deserve attention from political ethics-minded food fans.

Happy reading, and happy (conscious) eating!

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