Top News from the Food Front: Veggie Kids, Printed Food, White Bread Health Risk

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Did you see those great new vegan cooking sites that just launched? Did you hear about the secret for getting kids to ask for seconds on their veggies? And oh my goodness, what about that 3-D printed food for nursing home patients?! In other news, a science group files a complaint against the USDA over antibiotic resistant salmonella, and Idaho’s ag-gag foolishness faces well-deserved constitutional challenges. Read on, for all the week’s tastiest food news — in one convenient package!

Veggie Bidness

1. The Great Vegan Search Engine: A Custom Google Search Tool for Vegans — Created by EDB’s very own Becky Striepe, this search engine is the best thing to come down the vegan turnpike since nooch and kale chips! Now you can easily sort the wheat from the chaff, and go straight to the best vegan stuff on the web. What could be nicer than that?! Nothing: that’s what!

2. Veg-curious? New Site Helps Carnivores Lean Into Vegetarian Lifestyle — Holy (or secular) goodness, but I’m excited to see this site launch! Veganist author Kathy Freston does consistently excellent work towards making healthy veganish exploration accessible to omnivores who maybe had never considered it before. Her new website project ‘V-lish’ looks like a valuable resource for new veg-heads, or for folks who might like to explore some veggie meal options but don’t know quite where to start. Check it out!

3. Offer vegetables early and often to fussy toddlers, study says — Want your kiddo to develop veg-friendly tastes too? New research suggests that offering varied veggies frequently to the under-two set — even to fussy eaters — sets the stage for success. After 24 months, children’s tastes become much more fixed, and they become less open to trying new foods. So if you want your toddler to develop a healthy fondness for kale, put it on the menu frequently before age 2: according to this study, that’s the key.

Food & Health News

4. White Bread Linked to High Obesity Risk — According to new research, eating just 2 servings of white bread per day can spike your obesity risk by 40%. With so much good food in the world… why settle for a white-bread menu?

5. Big Mac, Thin Wallet — Fast food’s negative health impacts have been well and repeatedly documented; but this time researchers looked at the psychological impacts of fast food. In case you can’t wait to hear what they found, I’ll tell you: it makes you impatient!

Print Me Out Some… Lunch?

Nursing homes in Germany serve 3D-printed food — Hang on, you guys, this isn’t as bad as it sounds. They’re using 3-D printing technology to make pureed food look and feel more tasty to people unable to chew well enough to eat non-pureed food without choking. It’s an interesting idea, and may actually be an appropriate use of technology for food. Nifty!

Regulatory Nope

6. Tainted Meat? Group Sues USDA Over Salmonella — The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) filed a complaint this week seeking to force the USDA to treat antibiotic-resistant salmonella strains as food adulterants — thereby preventing sale and distribution of tainted meat. Under current (ahem) ‘regulations,’ no action is taken until after the fact, when people have bought and consumed and been sickened by said antibiotic-resistant-bacteria-tainted meat.

Gee, which system would be better do you think: not allowing it in people’s food in the first place? Or waiting until it actually makes people sick, to try to do anything about it? Think think think… hmm, that’s quite a poser!

It’s almost as if CSPI wants the USDA to, like, REGULATE the meat industry or something. Who knows, maybe the idea will catch on!

7. Another Food Recall: Walnuts Recalled for Third Time in Less Than a Week — Let’s hope it catches on quickly! Because what we’re doing now doesn’t seem to be working out.

8. Critics appeal to USDA year after GMO wheat found in Oregon: food safety roundup — Speaking of opportunities to actually regulate stuff: here’s another great opportunity for improvement, USDA guys!

Constitutional Fail

9. State violates free speech rights by selectively banning documentation of animal cruelty at factory farms — Idaho’s ag-gag law faces well deserved legal challenges, from a constellation of advocacy groups including civil rights, animal welfare, and workers’ rights organization. These anti-whistleblower laws offer nothing but toxic stinkiness to a food system that needs MORE transparency, not less!

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