Top News from the Food Front: GMO Shenanigans, IKEA Meatballs, Food Industry Nopes


This week in food news, we see VT surge to the front of the GMO labeling movement. Food industry forces grapple with the devastating news that poverty wages for food workers just might be a bad idea; and IKEA bursts onto center stage of the cutting-edge veggie meatball scene. What else is rocking the food news world? Glad you asked — read on!

GMO Regulation, Problems, Debate, & Etc.

1. The Nation’s Strongest GMO Labeling Law Passes in the Second-Smallest State — In which Vermont kicks biotech butt, passing the first US labeling law with any real teeth. Nicely done, VT!

2. A Journalist and a Scientist Break Ground in the G.M.O. Debate — Intelligent and respectful debate on the ethics and environmental impact of genetically modified food? As The Princess Bride’s Vincini might say, ‘INCONTHEEVABLE!’ Michael Pollan isn’t always on my A-list philosophically, but credit where it’s due: well done, sir. The GMO debate is full of corporate PR nonsense and ideological red herrings, with intelligent non-profit-driven debate both rare and valuable.

3. Chinese Rejection of Some GMO Corn Worries US Farmers — Our lackadaisical ‘regulation’ of genetically modified food crops costs U.S. corn growers something like $3 billion annually, when international buyers reject our GM’d-up products. Hm, what could we do about this state of affairs? Think think think…

Poor Lil’ Food Industry!

4. As Parents Make Their Own Baby Food, Industry Tries to Adapt — As the real-food revolution sweeps the nation, homemade baby food is all the rage among conscious-eater mums and pops. But never fear! The food industry has a plan, to counter this evil non-buying-their-stuff uprising! It involves  ‘attractive contoured glass jars with clear labels.’ MmmHmm.

5. Powdered Alcohol? — Thanks, food and bev industry! I was just thinking to myself, ‘You know the REAL problem with today’s food system? They haven’t started marketing powdered alcoholic beverages.’ Wait, no.

6. Food industry braces for new menu label rules — Because, you know, transparency is the enemy. Labels that tell consumers about their food: nooooooooooo!!

7. Poverty Wages Pose Risk to Fast Food Industry’s Profits, Experts Say — Oh noes! I mean, people working full time but still homeless, can’t feed and clothe their kids… you know, whatevs. But WHAT ABOUT THOSE FOOD INDUSTRY PROFITS?! People, s**t just got real: NOW it’s a problem. (Eyeball-roll.)

Here’s an idea: let’s just bite the bullet, and have a living wage for food workers! Yep — I’m what they call ‘a radical.’

8. Fast Food CEOs Make A Thosand Times More $ Than Workers — So see, it’s fine! The economy is FINE! See there, ‘food workers’ are paid juuuuuuuuuuuuust fine.*

*(Applies to CEOs only, not valid anywhere else, many many many many restrictions apply, questioning of this effed up system expressly forbidden in all of McAmerica, unless of course an informed consumer base insists on real and lasting change.)

Organic, Anyone?

9. An Apple a Day… May Kill You? Controversial Diphenylamine on 80% of U.S. Apples — Mmmmm, diphenylamine! (… said no one, ever.) Non-organic apples often come pre-seasoned with some unappetizing chemistry. Nope! I’ll pass, thanks.

Veggie Bidness

10. IKEA to Roll Out Vegetarian Meatballs — Some assembly required? (True confessions: I had no idea IKEA was in the meatball market at all — did you guys know about this? What other furniture stores sell veggie specialty veggie food, that I’m tragically unaware of?!)

11. Recent Study Says Vegetarian Diet Significantly Reduces Carbon Footprint — Plus (at no extra charge!) it reduces your participation in completely optional violence and animal cruelty, while reducing your risk for chronic disease and early death. The only down side is that change requires initial effort: what a small obstacle to overcome, for such large and lovely gains!

Stay Tuned!

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