Top News from the Food Front: Chicken Ick, Meat Recall, GMO Rejection, & Vegan Pizza

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This week’s news features not one but two reports indicting the chicken industry, as well as the USDA’s (ahem) ‘regulatory’ oversight of it. GMOs face new and improved regulation in Hawaii, but China kicks our imports to the curb for sub-par GMO-related quality control; meanwhile Whole Foods ditches suppliers over genetically modified ingredients. If you still eat animal meat, beware! Several meat recalls are underway — none of them (so far) involve horse meat, but that could change if horse slaughter’s allowed to resume as planned. A recent study touted health benefits of organic milk over conventionally produced milk; but did you get the full story? Read on, for the week’s top news in food!

The EDB Scoop!

We’ve covered a good bit of breaking food news this week, right here on EDB. The Cliff Notes: eat more apples, less chickens.

And if you’re a Monsanto agent, avoid assignments in Hawaii — the movement towards GMO regulation grows stronger there by the day!

Poor li’l ol’ GMOs! They’re being phased out by Whole Foods, too.

The National Restaurant Association released its annual What’s Hot Culinary Forecast this week, and guess what? Eating/Drinking Better is trending UP — local food sourcing, sustainability, and healthy kids’ food are all the rage!

I’d like to say that food safety is also trending upwards, but…

Multiple Meat Recalls Underway

If you still eat animal products, watch out — recalls are underway again (and again and again) for contaminated and unsafe meat.

Biotech Wants ‘Natural’ Label, while China Kicks US GMO-Riddled Corn to the International Curb

Since industry’s take on ‘truth in advertising’ seems to be something like ‘if we use it in advertising it becomes the truth,’ Big Food is pressing the FDA to allow labeling of biotech products as ‘natural.’

Meanwhile, it turns out that allowing Monsanto et al to write national food policy has a down side! Who could’a seen THAT coming, right?!

China has refused bout a quarter of U.S. corn imports this year due to unwanted GMO contamination.

From the ‘No S***!’ Files: Report Finds Farm Workers Need Less Exploitation, Better Conditions

Results don’t come as any surprise, but anything that invites conversation about the way our food system treats workers counts as movement in the right direction.

Organic Milk Conundrum

A recent study won headlines touting the benefits of organic vs. conventional milk. This week that same study draws fire for scientific sloppiness.

On the off chance you guys don’t already know what I think about this topic, I’d like to point out that it’s not an ‘organic vs. nonorganic’ debate we need to have here.

Here’s the better question, in my opinion: WHY ARE WE DRINKING BREAST MILK AFTER INFANCY, AND FROM A WHOLE OTHER SPECIES AT THAT? We have absolutely no need for it, it’s not good for us, and we’re subsidizing rampant hideousness any time we assume control of the wombs of other creatures for the purpose of human profit — yes, even when it’s labeled ‘organic’ or ‘humane’ or whatever. So… if the question being posed is whether organic or conventional bovine breast milk is healthier for grown human beings to nurse on, the only sane answer to me looks like ‘neither one, thankyouverymuch’!

But I digress. Where was I? News — right! — back to the news.

Speaking of Animal Exploitation…

If you’re following the mad race to butcher horses in the U.S. for export markets, another appeal is underway to stop it.

  • New Mexico AG sues to stop horse slaughter

I won’t tell you here just what I think about this issue; but only because I already did!

Sign O’ the (Vegan) Times

As more diners move away from animal foods like dairy and towards a plant based paradigm, Israeli consumer demand led Domino’s to introduce their first vegan pizza!

I’ve said it before, I’m sure I’ll say it again: supply and demand is magical. Eat like it matters, and watch the world respond!

News Call

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