Top News from the Food Front: FTW to WTF to IDK


This weeks food news features amazing things, appalling things, and things to make you go hmm. Read on, for the week’s top news in food!

Real Food For the Win!

Plant Based Diet Reverses Heart Disease — New research adds to the body of data supporting plant-based yum as a means of dealing with heart disease. The study began with 198 participants, and 89% of those subjects stuck with the plant-based diet throughout the study. Of those that stuck with it, 81% ‘improved their symptoms and experienced fewer complications from heart disease.’ Win!

Food Cowboy app helps charities get passed-over produce onto plates faster — Need some optimism in your day? Read this story! Nifty program simultaneously gets real food to hungry people and nixes vast swaths of food waste. I see no down side here!

Marion Nestle Nails It on the Healthy Pregnancy Diet Dilemma About Eating Fish — Anything from Marion Nestle counts as a win. When it comes to nutrition, that lady knows her beeswax!

Michelle Obama fights GOP on school lunch rules — Paraphrased political debate currently ongoing:

GOP: ‘We’re gonna undo your efforts to feed school children healthy vs. crappy food!’

Michelle Obama: ‘The h*** you will.’

Anyone who thinks the First Lady is going to back away from the fray should probably step back and reassess. Go, Michelle, go!

What the …?!

This organic food company is refusing to pay for employees’ birth control — This is not an Onion article. I checked. Are you freaking kidding me, Eden Foods? I can buy other brands of beans, thankyouverymuch. We’re over! … it’s not me, it’s you.

FDA losing battle against tainted imported food — Only 1-2% of imported food is actually inspected to see whether or not it will make people sick. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?


Biohackers making ‘real vegan cheese’ — Step one: start with vegan ingredients. Step two: bioengineer the heck out of ’em, until they produce the same proteins as a lactating cow. Step three: make ‘real cheese’ out of those caseins. Step four… eat ‘real vegan cheese’?

I’m not sure how I feel about this; I wouldn’t eat it myself, because I don’t think caseins are good for me to eat. But if it worked, and took cows out of the equation… if omnivorous eaters had another choice, somewhere between traditional cheese and cow cheese… wouldn’t that be a positive step forward? What do you think?

Stay Tuned!

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