Sandwich Recipe: Build Your Own Tomato Sandwich

heirloom tomatoes

We got our very first heirloom tomato from the CSA here a couple of weeks ago, and around my house, that means one thing: tomato sandwiches!

Why Heirloom Tomatoes?

If you’ve had the good fortune to enjoy a good heirloom tomato, you know that there’s no going back to those tasteless, mealy fruits that most supermarkets try to pass off as tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes have a rich flavor, a delightful texture, and come in such beautiful shapes and colors!

Taste isn’t the only reason to choose heirloom varieties. Like Patricia talked about on Monday, heirloom seeds have stories. They’re not only preserving food from our past, but heirloom seeds just might be the food future. As we see our food supply’s biodiversity wane, it’s more important than ever to build those varieties back up. Without variety, crops are more susceptible to plant diseases. If we only have a few dozen varieties of each plant, our food supply is far more fragile.

Tomato Sandwich Recipe

For me, nothing celebrates the flavor of an heirloom tomato more than piling thick slices into a tomato sandwich full of herbs on good, hearty bread. A good tomato sandwich screams SUMMER! Since it’s probably heirloom tomato season where you are, I thought I’d share this infographic I whipped up for my personal site about how to create the tomato sandwich recipe of your dreams!

tomato sandwich recipe

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