Tips for Eating to Reduce Inflammation

Studies have shown that many illnesses (including several types of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease) are largely influenced by chronic inflammation in the body.

Prolonged inflammation causes the immune system to become off balance, and can result in damage to healthy tissue.

Poor diet is a main contributor to chronic inflammation, but several lifestyle factors such as lack of exercise, and excessive stress can promote inflammation as well.

Many health and nutrition experts are now starting to emphasize the importance of following an anti-inflammatory diet.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your way to less inflammation and better health:

–  Focus on eating fresh foods, including as much produce as possible.  The phytonutrients will provide natural protection against inflammation and age related diseases.

–  Skip on processed and fast foods.  These are usually lacking in fiber and nutrients.  They also contain undesirable ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils, as well as artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

–  Eat organic.  Avoiding pesticides is better for our bodies and the environment.

–  Get regular exercise.  This will help strengthen the body and relieve stress.

–  Eat whole grains.  Eating plenty of fiber will keep your digestive system in tip top shape, and help your body eliminate toxins more effectively.

–  Drink plenty of water.  This keeps everything hydrated, helps avoid constipation, and eliminates toxins.

–  Focus on plant proteins instead of animal based ones.  Beans/legumes, whole grains such as quinoa, and moderate intake of minimally processed soy foods are wonderful ways to get protein and fiber.

–  If you’re a coffee drinker, try switching to tea.  The health benefits of tea (preferably white or green) are numerous.

Just remember, sticking to a more natural way of eating leads to increased health, and less risk for chronic disease.

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  1. It’s so important to eat healthfully and really watch what we’re putting into our bodies. I think so many people have the misconception that eating healthier means eating duller – which is obviously not the case. One great recipe for health is this Healthy Heart Tart which combines Swiss Chard and Gruyere with whole wheat and healthful seeds, such as flax and sunflower. Delicious and nutritious!

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