Time Saving Gluten Free Products You’ll Love

If you’re living a gluten free life, there are a couple of companies that I’ve come to love over the years for the wonderful products they make.Β  They’re both great time savers for those days when you’re rushed, short of time, or just don’t have the means to prepare a meal from scratch.

Pamela’s Baking Mix is an all purpose gluten free baking mix that I use to make pancakes (just add eggs and water), scones, biscuits, and corn bread.Β  Many of the recipes just involve adding eggs, butter, and an ingredient or two, making them fast and easy to make.Β  It also has dozens of other uses as well, including brownies, breads, muffins, and bagels.

Pamela’s has a great website with a ton of helpful recipes and hints (naturally) on using their product.Β  I love Pamela’s Baking Mix for those days when I’ve run out of my homemade gluten free flour mix and just want to make some pancakes or corn bread really quick without too much work or a run to the store.

Kinnikinnick Foods makes frozen prepared gluten free breads, doughnuts, cookies, and other baked goods.Β  You can see a list of their products here.Β  I can personally vouch for the tastiness of their donuts, pizza crusts, and cookies.Β  They ship anywhere in the US and Canada, and have a flat fee for shipping, which is nice.Β  I usually order a several packages of pizza crusts at a time and keep them in the freezer for quick and easy meals.

Sure, there isn’t a need to eat donuts every day, or even every month, but it’s nice for that rare occasion when you wake up and think “I could really go for a doughnut and coffee for breakfast”.Β  Instead of sadly realizing that you can’t have a doughnut because you’re a Celiac, you can happily pop one out of the freezer and enjoy it with a hot cup of Joe.

The one downside to both of these companies and their products is that they’re quite pricey.Β  If you’ve been forced to live and shop gluten-free this should come as no surprise, but as with any specialty item in the grocery store, or online, they can be expensive.

This is the first time I’ve written about a specific product and I wanted to be explicitly clear that I’m receiving no consideration from either of these companies, I really just enjoy their products.Β  If you’re also gluten free, I think you will too.

Photo credit: Andreas Praefcke on Wikipedia under a GNU Free Documentation License.

  1. Andrea Idika

    Thanks so much for the reviews of these companies! I’m relatively new to the whole gluten free diet and have had to go through a lot of trial and error with baking. And with being busy with two kids its always nice to find great ready made food.

  2. Kim Hanson

    I love Pamela’s products. I especially like the bread mix and the baking mix. I’ve been buying the bread mix on Amazon with free shipping & handling. I find it worth the cost because the products turn out so good.

  3. John Chappell

    Andrea – Glad to be of some help. It’s definitely a trial and error process to find out which gluten free products are tasty and which are uhhhh, not as tasty.

    Kim – Thanks for the tip, I’ve been buying in bulk from the local co-op, I’ll check and see if it’s cheaper on Amazon. I never would have thunk to look there!!!

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