This is Why You’re Fat (Possibly the Most Disturbing Website Ever?)

Ok now, we all know the dangers of eating fried foods and food loaded with trans fats, sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients.Β  Right?

Well apparently there are still plenty of people out there who either don’t know…or don’t care.
When I first saw this website I was shocked by the foods on it, it’s a meat-filled calorie bomb photo gallery you wont believe! (Who knew you could batter and fry just about anything imaginable, and/or cover it in bacon?Β  Yuck.)
Have fun looking through these “meals”.

And hopefully it will have the same effect on you as it did on me, I ended up craving a nice big salad!

Here’s the link….Β  This is Why You’re Fat

Image credit:Β  Robjtak on flickr creative commons.

6 thoughts on “This is Why You’re Fat (Possibly the Most Disturbing Website Ever?)”

  1. “This is why you’re fat” has helped tremendously in improving my eating habits. I object to the inclusion of poutine on their list, for it is quite possible to make a luscious poutine that’s not a heart health killer. But I digress…

  2. John Chappell

    That is fantastic. I couldn’t stop looking at it, I knew I should look away, but couldn’t. And to think that people actually eat this stuff.

  3. i am guessing a lot of these conconctions come from a full day of pot smoking. not that i would know, just guessing.

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