Think Twice Before Throwing Out: 6 Ways to Rehabilitate Aging Food and Curb Waste

food waste

The word “consume” can mean both to waste and to eat. We in the United States consume in two senses of the word–both eating and wasting–but we may be wasting a whole lot more than we’d think.

There are various ways we can reduce food waste in our homes, and one of my favorite methods is reinventing stale or aging foods to make something tasty. While we tend to throw out foods that look like they are past their prime, you’d be surprised by how easily you can bring these products back to life. Here are a few:

1. Soft bananas.

If you think bruised bananas means it’s time to throw them out, think again. Overripe bananas are great for banana nut bread and milk smoothies.

2. Stale crackers or chips.

When a recipe calls for bread crumbs, crumble up stale crackers or chips instead. They’re also a great for rubbing on different meats.

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