Think Global, Cook Local for Earth Dinner

earthdinner_cards.jpgIf you think of any major holiday, nearly the first thing that pops into your head is food. Okay, well, maybe right after β€œChristmas is in a week?! I haven’t gotten anything done yet!” Then, it’s all about food. Or, at least it is for me.

So, in the tradition of your Thanksgiving table, holiday feast and Easter eggs … why not an Earth Dinner? It’s simple, just make your meal on Earth Day a table comprised of local, seasonal, sustainable and/or organic dishes. The concept was created by Theresa Marquez, Earth Dinner founder and chief marketing executive for Organic Valley, the nation’s largest organic farmers cooperative.

“We started Earth Dinners three years ago to honor Earth Day with its own special meal filled with deeper conversations about food,” said Marquez. “Many Americans today are detached from what they eat and the tremendous impact of their food choices. Earth Dinners are a perfect way to bridge that gap, a time to slow down and reflect on each aspect of the food being served, how and where it was produced, the way it tastes and the stories behind it. It’s exciting to see more people than ever before embracing this movement.”

For ideas on menu plans, resources, party ideas and creative hosting ideas, check out Earth Dinner. And, given the global food issues, when you sit down to that “holiday” meal, it sure does take on a new meaning this year.

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  1. Megan McWilliams

    LOVE this concept. We used to have a dinner club that was a roving potluck. for some reason this post brought back great memories of those days. perhaps because most of the food was organic, locally grown, yummy, and nutrious whole foods – and this was back in the 80s!!!

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