The Weekend Vegan Challenge: Would you eat vegan for the weekend?

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Over at our sister site, Feelgood Style, Liz Thompson is challenging folks to take a Weekend Vegan Challenge! Are you in?

Here’s the challenge, in Liz’s words:

Are you up for a vegan weekend challenge?Β  Try eating only vegan this weekend.Β  Here are some great vegan recipes to get you started.Β  Or simply try eliminating dairy this weekend and add meat to your don’t eat list next weekend.Β  A two day challenge may be just what it takes to test the waters, see how eating a vegan diet makes you feel, and whether or not the switch is right for you.

What do you think, guys? I know a lot of you are vegan or vegetarian already….if you’re not fully vegan, would you consider taking the plunge for a couple of days, to see how you like it?

When I went vegan it took a couple of months to really get the swing of feeding myself. At first, I basically was eating the same foods, just sans the eggs and dairy. This meant I lost a little weight initially, but once I discovered the wonders of vegan baking and creamy cashew sauces, that all evened out.

If you need some great vegan recipe resources for your vegan weekend, here are a few of my favorites:

Are you planning to take the challenge? I’d love to hear how it goes for you! You can also read more about what motivated Liz to take on this challenge over at Feelgood Style!

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5 thoughts on “The Weekend Vegan Challenge: Would you eat vegan for the weekend?”

  1. I’ll give it a go. In the spirit of full disclosure I am not yet even a proper vegetarian yet, but I am in transition. Currently I am down to only one or two meat-containing meals a week. However, since I have a dairy allergy, all I would really be giving up for this experiment is my eggs. It is only a matter of time before I am full time vegetarian, and – again because of the dairy allergy – vegan will then be a fairly easy transition, since standard vegetarian cookbooks seem to lean so heavily on dairy. My pantry is already full of quinoa, several of types of beans & lentils, and I have kale, squash and other veggies just waiting for inspiration to hit ;-)

    1. That’s great to hear! And that’s the whole idea: you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to eat vegan food. Enjoy your vegan weekend! It sounds like your pantry is already properly stocked for it, which should make things a whole lot easier. :) I love when I can feed my family without a trip to the store!

  2. My sister recently had me watch “forks over knives” and I was amazing at some of the info. I want to do my own research but as a fan of the 4hourbody I don’t mind giving anything a try and seeing what kind of results I get.
    I’m having some difficulty finding a large breakdown of recipes to follow sadly. Do you have any recommendations for a preprepared meal plan? I’ve got the determination side but knowing what to shop for and where is the only key slowing me down.

    1. Hi Patrick! Getting started is definitely the hardest part — after a while it’s pretty effortless, but change can def’ly be challenging… if you’re interested in exploring veg habits, have you heard of this? It’s not free but really cheap — I’ve gifted it a couple of times, to interested friends, and they’ve really gotten a lot out of it.

      See also: and

      Anyway, good luck, have fun exploring new foods, and be sure to pop back by with any specific questions or problems you may run into as you try new things. Cheers!


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