The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook – Review and Recipes

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook

Fans of Mad Men will love The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook, but so will those who enjoy the history of food and “retro” recipes.

Authors Judy Gelman and Peter Zheutlin looked through hundreds of cookbooks, magazines, and advertisements to recreate the recipes as they would have been prepared and presented during the time of the Mad Men. Each recipe starts by setting the scene where viewers saw the food – the party or restaurant, the interaction between the characters, the events going on in the nation that brought about the trends in food seen in the show.

Recipes are divided into chapters on cocktails, appetizers, salads, main courses, and desserts and sweets. While Mad Men is set in the 1960s, many of the popular recipes of the day are still popular at parties today. Recipes like California Dip (also known as French Onion Dip), Stuffed Celery, and Chile Rellenos are barely changed. Others, like the Waldorf Salad, have gone through many changes over the years.

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook looks at the food, drinks, and restaurants in the first four seasons of the show. Over at the blog, the authors are writing about the food in each episode since the book was published. Check it out for more retro recipes and more historical scene setting.

Enjoy the three sample recipes from The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook– Connie’s Waldorf Salad, Sardi’s Steak Tartare, and Lindy’s Cherry Cheesecake.

Page 2 => Connie’s Waldorf Salad
Page 3 => Sardi’s Steak Tartare
Page 4 => Lindy’s Cherry Cheesecake

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