The Turd Burger [VIDEO]

I’m not a huge fan of meat replacements, but after this breakthrough, I may have to reconsider…

A Japanese researcher has developed a steak that is made from proteins in human excrement. Yes, you read that right…excrement, you know, poop…a turd burger, a &*#! sandwich.

The researcher didn’t exactly set out to make excrement-derived steak. He was approached by Tokyo Sewage to explore possible uses for sewage mud. He found that the mud contained a lot of protein because of the bacteria in it. And like everyone would agree, the obvious route to take at this juncture is the food route.

The proteins from the sewage were extracted, combined with soy protein for taste and red food colouring (to make it look more like steak and less like poop), yielding a burger that is 63% protein, 25% carbohydrate, 3% fat and 9% minerals.

Initial tests have people saying it even tastes like beef. I can’t help but wonder, is it vegan?

Also, seriously? Is this real?

Don’t like poop? Try a spicy lentil burger instead.

Source, Photo: Digital Trends, YouTube

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