The Superhero Diet

The Superhero Diet

Superheroes–humans with powers beyond what any ordinary man or woman possesses–have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Surely they have an extensive fitness regimen to keep them in tip top shape but what do our favorite men of might eat that gives them the fuel they need to keep the world safe?

Since we’ll be meeting a slew of crime fighting superheroes this summer, let’s break down what these comic book kings most likely feast on for overall health and fitness!


Spidey is only part spider so insects are just not enough in the nutrient department to keep him so limber.

He needs to be light enough to swing from building to building, lean enough to fit in his body hugging suit and flexible enough to crouch and flip at will. Spiderman’s ideal diet is one heavy in good fats and high in fiber and lean protein.  To keep trim, Peter Parker probably loves avocados and stir fried veggies cooked in a light coconut oil. These good fats flush the body of LDL’s (bad fats), keeping his system clean and efficient. Parker most definitely loves his fruit and veggies to keep him regular and healthy while the lean proteins, perhaps from legumes, nuts and seeds keep his muscles and joints in proper working order.


This well-to-do bachelor-turned-crime-fighter is more of an intellectual than an athlete. Sure, he’s great at martial arts but Bruce Wayne is all mental focus, always one step ahead of the villains. To keep his brain sharp, the dark knight’s diet is high in omega 3’s as well as colorful, antioxidant vegetables.

Surely he starts his morning with a powerful green smoothie rich in fresh fruit, greens, flax and a killer protein powder made of raw foods and tons of amino acids. His meals always include freshly steamed vegetables such as sweet potatoes, kale, and even some seaweed, all rich in nutrients. He loves brown rice pasta as the good carbs are good for energy and the tomato sauce is filled with lycopene, great for his heart, mind and eyes. I’m pretty sure Bruce and Iron Man have the same nutritionist and personal chef.

G.I. Joe

The most human of them all, he is THE All American Soldier. Ripped with muscles, Joe can out push-up anyone.

To build and keep such a manly physique, Joe steers clear of processed foods, simple sugars and carbohydrates, oils, and stimulants. He is a clean machine that feasts on protein and vegetables with a light smattering of good carbs like brown rice and quinoa.

He eats 5 small meals a day, perfectly balanced, and wholesomely nutritious. His choice of lean protein is cooked without oil and always grilled, never fried. He lightly steams his veggies, perhaps with a little garlic. This soldier eats to live, he doesn’t live to eat. I’m willing to bet the G.I. and Thor have a lot in common when it comes to diet.

The Hulk

This green guy with an anger problem most likely eats like G.I. Joe but really hits the green veggies hard. His morning smoothie is probably chock full of spirulina, chlorophyll, kale, celery and every green veggie he can get his giant hands on. To keep his nice green hue, he’s getting it from the inside out along with some high quality lean protein.

Have fun this summer with all the superhero summer blockbusters and cooking up some healthy, delicious superhero eats!

{Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by elPadawan}

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  1. You have a typo in the Spiderman Diet – HDL is good cholesterol, LDL is the bad type of cholesterol that HDL helps remove from the body…

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