The Story (and numbers!) Behind Eat Vegan on $4 a Day

You Can Eat Vegan on a Budget

Many people don’t even entertain the idea that you can eat vegan on a budget because they see a celebrity like Oprah, who hires a personal chef to cook her meals.

But I’ve been a single, working mom at times in my life, when all I wanted to do was get a healthy meal on the table that all 3 of my kids would eat. The book was born then. The big secret about being a stockbroker is that as Bernie Madoff has so excellently shown, when you make the most money for clients, the amount you make for yourself, if you are honest, is inversely correlated. I was the #1 market performer, meaning I did better than anyone else in my office for clients. But all I got for that honor was an e-mail that went out everyone else. And other brokers were not going to publicize that list, especially if they weren’t at the top. The way I became the #1 market performer was by not charging clients the popular fee on assets they already had. I didn’t sell elderly widows out of high coupon bonds and stick them in a tech stock that blew up. I could sleep at night and so could they. It is one reason that the financial services industry has such a revolving door.

Why should you care? Because combining my tenacious investigative reporter’s energy and righteous indignation at issues that pertain to the way we hear, learn about and eat food in this country is the core of Eat Vegan on $4 a Day.

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