The Speedy Vegetable Garden: Book Review

The Speedy Vegetable Garden

Growing your own food can be a rewarding experience. It can also try your patience. You make that New Year’s resolution, plant some seeds, then wait. And wait.

Mark Diacono and Lia Leendertz put together The Speedy Vegetable Garden to help those of us who want our garden to produce immediately. They cover growing sprouts, which are ready to eat in a few days, and microgreens, which are ready to eat in a week and a half.

The authors also cover more traditional outdoor crops, such as tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, beans, and so forth. They recommend specific varieties that mature more quickly than others. Some mature only a few weeks before their cousins, but that can make all the difference to the patience-impaired. Even better are the crops that can serve double duty โ€“ eating zucchini blossoms early on, then eating the zucchini later.

Lots of photos show step-by-step growing methods. Recipes give cooks ideas for how to prepare the goodies from the garden.

The Speedy Vegetable Garden is an excellent reference book for anyone trying to get children interested in gardening, dealing with a short growing season, or simply lacking in patience.

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