The Locaquaffer: Fresh Peach Wine Spritzer Recipe

It’s peach season! Fresh peaches are abundant in many farmers’ markets right now, and they are delicious this year. Take advantage of a fresh, local, seasonal ingredient for your evenings on the deck with this summer-in-a-glass recipe for peach wine spritzers.

Fresh Peach Spritzers

6 fresh peaches, quartered (I leave the peels on, but peel them if you prefer)
2 Tbsp honey, or to taste (I like raw honey)
1 bottle inexpensive white wine, chilled
1 liter sparkling water, chilled
Sprigs of fresh mint and peach slices for garnish

Combine honey and peaches in a blender or food processor and puree well (or use a juicer, if you have one.) Pour through a sieve into a large pitcher and chill thoroughly. Add wine and stir to combine. Add sparkling water to fill pitcher and stir gently.

To serve: Pour into tall glasses (over ice if desired) or large wine glasses and garnish with a slice of peach and a sprig of mint. Serves six.

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Image credit: Cary Bass via a Creative Commons license

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  1. You can also do this with sparkling wine/champagne and make bellinis, just omit the sparkling water. I frequently puree the peaches, freeze the puree and then scrape some into the blender with Asti Spumante for a nice cool drink.

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