The Influence of Obama’s Organic Garden Grows

On March 20th, 2009, Michelle Obama and the kids broke ground on the White House Lawn for an organic garden. I wrote about it for, and suggested that the Obamas could help generate thousands of new green businesses across the country as people increasingly hire organic gardeners to tend their backyard and produce food for them.ย  In addition to this terrific development, other dignitaries might follow suit, leading to a worldwide revolution in public awareness of sustainable agriculture.ย 

Maria Shriver, California’s First Lady, took the plunge and…

created an organic garden of her own in Sacramento, CA.ย  It wil be located in Capitol Park, rather than on the grounds of the governor’s mansion, but will provide kids from local schools the opportunity to get their hands dirty and grow some yummy grub.ย  Shriver’s been active in the California School Garden Network, and continues to advocate for sustainable agriculture and the importance of educating youngsters about where their food comes from.

Who is next?ย  Healthy food should be a bipartisan issue.ย  Shriver, who is liberal but married to a Republican governor, has made it a personal crusade.ย  When will hard-core Republicans join the fray?ย  When will we see Anita Perry break ground in Austin on an organic garden for the people of Texas?

Scott Cooney is the author of Build a Green Small Business:ย  Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur (McGraw-Hill), and hopes that someday the green economy will simply be referred to as…the economy.

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6 thoughts on “The Influence of Obama’s Organic Garden Grows”

  1. Yet bills like HR 875 that would destroy organic farming in the US are being pushed through the house and senate.

    We’ll see if committed Obama is to family farms and organic farms or if he’s commited to big agra.

  2. He’ll be committed to organic farms the day that the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 is repealed and homesteading is once more allowed. With modern irrigation available through projects of the past and possible shovel ready projects of the future, small, 160 acre or less organic farms could be scattered around the country. Those close to urban areas can be successful through the U-Pick method. Those far flung can be successful through pick and truck to farmer’s markets.

    This will also assist HR875 being tweaked to allow the organic farm.

  3. Homesteading – In 2009 another way to say hippie commune?

    Who are you kidding! The White House garden is political spin and nothing more.

    Small scale farming is a lot of physical work for not much money. 160 acres is a lot of land and not small scale like you are talking about whatsoever!

    There are farm laws such as ‘farm marketing orders’ from the 30’s and subsidies than should be done away with but you will find very few people interested in what you propose. Fewer yet that would follow through and be capable.

    Water rights would be the next problem.

    Hippies! Yuk!

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