The House of Representatives Spent about $200,000 on Bottled Water

The US House of Representatives Spent $190,000 on Bottled Water…in just a quarter!

There is a recent initiative to reduce wasteful House spending by $35 million each year, and bottled water seems like a good start.  If this water spending kept up for the whole year, that would be over $750,000 on bottled water.

Why do they do this?  My guess is for convenience.  Bottled water isn’t necessarily any better or safer than tap water.  It also creates lots of waste.  I wonder what percentage of those bottles are being recycled?  They have even been offered complementary water bottles to use from the DC water utility.

You can sign a petition to tell Congress you want to eliminate bottled water purchases from the budget.

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  1. Can you say how much the house of representatives spent on other beverages, carbonated soft drinks (effectively bottle water with added flavours, sweetners, etc), beer, wine and spirits? If they were not drinking bottled water, would they not be drinking other bottled beverages (carbonated soft drinks, as above), or even not drinking water at all. The downside of both is ultimately a greater cost to the healthcare system. Cheers ;)

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