The Health Benefits of Eating as a Family (Film)

family meal

We all know families that gather together on a regular basis to sit at the dinner table and eat as a family.  The general motivation behind this tradition seems to be to spend time as a group, to catch up with one another, and to reflect upon each other’s days.  Yet, in addition to this sense of togetherness, researchers believe that health benefits ought to become an inspiration for family dinners.

The SnagFilms documentary The Family Meal examines the familial as well as the health benefits of eating meals together at the table.  As obesity rises and as American families become more under-nourished, families are eating together less frequently; however, the process of involving the family in meal preparation and the idea of socializing at the table serves as a surprising yet effective means of fighting obesity.  The Family Meal follows both families continuing to healthily eat as a group as well as families who are trying to better their eating habits.  Watch as The Family Meal changes how we understand the important relationship between our families and our health.

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