The Healing Dish: Cayenne Pepper Spiced Organic Red Onion Spirals with Sweet Potato and Yam Chips

Organic baby sweet potatoes, yams, and red onions taste great when sliced thin, drizzled in olive oil, seasoned with a dash of organic cayenne pepper and baked.

Did you know that red onions are rich in flavonoids, sulfur compounds and promote better bones? In fact, if you make them a staple in your dishes they just may help reduce certain types of cancer and the risk of heart disease.

We all know that sweet potatoes and yams improve a meal as they’re very high in vitamin C and A. Now, the healing power of this side dish is fortified when paired with red onion slices.

Here are more facts about the healing ingredients found in this easy side dish.

There’s a very informative article on ehow which shares that red onion’s “sulfur compounds may help reduce the risk of heart disease as well as certain types of cancer. These powerful free radical scavengers help to clean up oxidative damage that can lead to cancer, and may play a role in preventing heart disease.”

Red onion also has natural anti-histamine properties and when stewed they may decrease coughs and irritations associated with allergy symptoms.

Finally, a pinch of cayenne pepper goes a long way to improve the healing properties of this recipe. Cayenne pepper is a medicinal spice scientifically proven to help heal inflammation, the heart, arteries, prostate, stomach lining, metabolism, and the overall immune system.

This side dish pairs well for lunch with french onion soup, or try it as an addition to your Thanksgiving meal. Scrumptious roasted vegetables like this always bring smiles to the table!

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  1. Kathleen

    Sounds delish! But the main difference between sweet potatoes and yams is that while sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, yams don’t contain very much at all. So opt for the sweet potatoes.

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