The End of Intensive Farming Fertilizers? – Planetsave

Slurry spreading tractor and trailer

Hundreds of years ago, it was common practice for all the sh*t in a town or city to be gathered up each night and dumped on the nearby fields as fertilizer.  This provided excellent nutrients for the crops, but it also created a lot of disease.

Scroll forwards hundreds of years later, and we still have to wash our fruit and veg because of all the chemical sh*t dumped on it.  More to the point, real sh*t is being looked at again as a sustainable substitute for chemical and phosphate fertilizers used in intensive agriculture.

You can read the rest of Chris Milton’s thoughts on sh*t and industrial agriculture over on our sister site, Planetsave.

Picture Credit: Slurry spreading tractor and trailer by desomurchu under Creative Commons Attribute License.

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