The Eating Vegan Digest: What’s Hard for You?

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I’ve been doing this Eating Vegan series for a while now and have pretty much run the gamut of what was tough for me. Since a lot of you are either vegan now or looking to give the vegan diet a whirl, I thought I’d turn to you guys for some input!

In case you missed any of the previous installments, here are the guides that are up so far:

Is there something we haven’t covered in this space that gives you trouble? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! If you’d prefer to send your suggestion via email, you can contact me at: becky AT importantmedia DOT org.

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7 thoughts on “The Eating Vegan Digest: What’s Hard for You?”

  1. I’ve been vegan for a while, and vegetarian forever, so I don’t have any questions, but I can think of many I get all the time. Here are a few:

    – How do you deal with being vegan in social situations?
    – Where do you get your iron?
    – Soy is bad (and assumptions that you have to eat soy as a vegan)
    – I was vegan/vegetarian, but I never had any energy

    I think the first one is a biggie because violating social norms (no matter how much we try to fight it) can be a huge barrier to behaviour change.

  2. I’m not a vegan but I’ve been a vegetarian for 18yrs. I get asked the same question now that I did then:

    Where do you get your protein?

    And the answer hasn’t changed.

    My very educated aunt asked me this last week. She’s related to me and it’s been 18yrs AND she lives in California. Somehow she was clueless.

  3. My biggest problem has been anaemia. I’ve had it since puberty so its not directly related to my being vegan. However everyone is quite happy to assume it is. The upshot is I don’t eat socially with non vegan or vegetarian friends.

    1. I worry about that, too, Joyce. I’ve got some long-standing health problems that were around long before I went vegan and worry that folks assume my diet is the cause when I have issues.

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